Divorce Isn’t Dramatic When Uncontested

Divorce Isn’t Dramatic When Uncontested

There’s a vast misconception divorce is automatically a disastrous affair. The lady will take everything, including the kids, you get nothing but drama and supposedly go crazy and attack her while she’s having an affair with your best friend. While that’s not out of possibility, realistically, that’s more consistent with the scandalous ideal of movies – and it doesn’t have to be that way.

In reality, most divorces can be settled peacefully, with everyone happy at the end of the day, even the kids.

Imagine getting into a relationship, and you simply determine it’s not working out. Well, that’s that. Just settle down, talk to your partner about an uncontested divorce, decide how you’ll split your property if at all, and decide how to handle the custody and visitation of the kids, if any. Through the simple yet ancient technique of communication, you can figure out the problem with ease – and then merely pay a preferred attorney a flat, often very nominal fee, to do all the paperwork for you.

Uncontested divorce means as the name implies, there’s no contest – both parties agree to each others’ terms, and both are willing to simply sign some papers and be through with the relationship.

Assuming you’re in Harris County, some 60 days later of mandatory waiting, that’s it – the legal ties between you and your partner are over, and there’s no over the top B-list Hollywood movie in the making.

Of course in the chance you do find yourself in an insane scenario, like a brutal child custody fight, or disagree on property, you would immediately find it beneficial to hire an attorney – among other things like temporarily staying elsewhere, or getting the police involved if necessary (domestic abuse or other violent acts).