Is Bradley Tilton The Attorney For You?

Is Bradley Tilton The Attorney For You?

Bradley W. Tilton II is a divorce lawyer for everyone. He’s had thousands of clients, male and female, mothers and fathers alike, and each with their own unique circumstances – from simple uncontested divorce cases, to more complicated child custody and property issues.

How can you determine if he’s the right family lawyer for you?

He offers an initial consultation completely free of charge, we don’t even want any of your billing information. Just call any time (713-774-8600) to set up an appointment, and then when you meet with Brad, you can discuss your situation and any concerns. He’ll help you figure out what your options are, and aide you in identifying the legal standing of your problem(s).

Then at your own leisure, you can decide whether to continue working with Brad Tilton, or simply walk away. It’s a stress-free process that can only help you regardless if you opt for our services or not.

Houston abides by Harris County’s Family Code, which has a lot of specific rules and regulations regarding how every subject and matter of the divorce process can be handled – from the divorce itself, to splitting property, to children and alimony. And it gets very detailed, like what constitutes property, what this or that applies to, and how can you go about doing something or another. It’s a very extensive code, and it’s very difficult for a layman to expect to fight for their rights without being very well-versed in it. If you stand before a judge, he will treat you like you are aware of the laws… even if you are not… so that can be very problematic, and is all-in-all another reason why you would definitely want to, at the very least, talk with someone who does know the law.